Weight Loss

I have always been a skinny guy; maybe 115 pounds soaking wet. I started to bulk up during the middle of 2015 and found myself gaining weight in the wrong places. To say the least, I was doing it all wrong and decided to get a personal trainer. I met Nate as he was one of my neighbors and figured I would reach out to him. He opened up his own studio and I gave it a try.

When I started, I was sitting at around 18% body fat and for a short gentleman, that seemed like a lot. Nate and I both discussed in quite detail my fitness goals; where I wanted to be.

Now, I have tried other personal trainers/fitness coaches before but Nate was the only one who actually cared. He would constantly push you because he truly believes in you and wants to see you achieve greatness. In addition to that, he would always touch base with you during the days just to see how you were feeling and truly commits to what he does.

I am now down to 9% body fat in only 3 months as well as have some really great muscle definition.

I highly recommend Nathaniel Bran and IllumiNATE Fitness as asking for his assistance was one of the best choices I could of made.